Boreal Chickadee Round Bird Sticker

$ 3.50


This high quality round vinyl sticker is an original hand drawn pen and ink illustration of a sweet Boreal Chickadees.  

Round and 3 inches in diameter, our durable vinyl stickers are waterproof and weather resistant and stand up to indoor and outdoor use. 

About Boreal Chickadees

Meet our cute Canadian friends, two boreal chickadees. The Boreal Chickadee is a small and mighty bird that lives in the spruce forests of far Northern Canada, and into the Arctic. These renderings by artist Rush Kress highlight their plump shape along with their hallmark brown crown, black bib, and white belly.

Boreal chickadees dine mostly on seeds and insects, hopping expertly on tree limbs and using their flexibility to catch their food. In off-winter seasons, they store their food to anticipate the hard winter. Birds of this species tend to stick together through the year, with male and female often mating for life.

During nesting season, male and female boreal chickadees pairs scout out tree holes for a suitable home. The female does the handiwork to excavate the site, drilling a larger hole if needed. Since Boreal Chickadees do not use calls to mark their territory, they are considered to be more elusive than other birds.

When it is not nesting season, though, boreal chickadees are not shy about foraging for food in backyards and other domesticated areas. In fact, the people of Canada have bestowed a few folk name on the bird. It is also referred to as a tom-tit, chick chick, or fillady.