Journal, Birdie, Varied Bunting

$ 10.00


This elegant blank college-ruled notebook with a hand drawn illustration of a varied bunting is a wonderful addition to your everyday life. This pen and ink illustration by artist Rush Kress, adorns the cover. Use your new journal notebook for any number of reasons, from writing and journaling to creating lists, planning and doodling.


  • 100 blank college ruled pages to write or doodle on
  • Each page is decorated with an original illustration of a bird at top
  • Premium glossy cover design
  • Perfectly sized at 6” x 9” (15.24 cm x 22.86 cm)
  • Flexible paperback

Varied Bunting

This bird is close to the artist’s heart not only because of its rich colors, but because it is common to his home state of Arizona. The varied bunting is actually a Mexican bird that lives in thorny thickets and brush along streams, in canyons, and sometimes in deserts. During the summer, varied buntings make the short trip north to breed in southern Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona during the rainy season.

Male varied buntings are richly colored with plum, cherry-red and lavender feathers. Female varied buntings are, sorry to say, mousy brown. Interestingly, the brilliant colors of the male appear almost black in shadows or the dark.

Male varied buntings are also the notable singers in the family. They learn their songs almost as soon as they hatch. As adults, they sing from perches, and defend their nests literally with song and dance. The songs of varied buntings generally sound like a random warbling of notes, moving up and down in a pleasant lilt.

Varied buntings are not easy to see because they tend to conceal themselves in their habitat. As warm-weather birds, they do not travel far from their desert climates. Because they have a limited range of migration, Partners in Flight considers them vulnerable to population decline due to their restricted geographical distribution. Organizations like the American Bird Conservancy are working to address threats to the desert habitats of varied buntings, such as mining, grazing and development.

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