Journal, Birdie, Crested Flycatcher

$ 10.00


These elegant blank college-ruled notebook with a hand drawn illustration of a crested flycatcher are a wonderful addition to your everyday life. An elegant pen and ink illustration by artist Rush Kress adorns the cover. Use your new flycatcher journal notebook for any number of reasons, from writing and journaling to creating lists, planning and doodling.


  • 100 blank college ruled pages to write or doodle on
  • Each page is decorated with an original illustration of a bird at top
  • Premium glossy cover design
  • Perfectly sized at 6” x 9” (15.24 cm x 22.86 cm)
  • Flexible paperback

Crested Flycatcher

In a new addition to his “Birdies on a Branch" series, artist Rush Kress captures the distinct lemon-colored underbelly of the Great crested flycatcher. This is a larger bird, about 7-8 inches long, that breeds mostly in the eastern United States. As the name suggests, Great crested flycatchers feed on flies and many different insects, like whole butterflies and moths, spiders, bees, and wasps.

Crested flycatchers are not only larger than other birds in this series, like the hoary redpoll and golden-crowned Kinglet, they are also more likely to live among us. They breed in woodlands in tree canopies, and prefer to nest in the holes of dead trees. But they will also make their homes in populated areas like parks, golf courses, and fruit orchards. They’re not too picky about their nesting spots either. You can often find them in bird boxes, hollow fences, or even drainpipes.

Even when they are too high up to see, Great crested flycatchers make themselves known by their loud whistling “wh-eep” songs and calls. If the birds are close by, you may be woken by the male dawn call – two whistles every two seconds for up to 30 minutes!

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